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Mystery of the Stone

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Hakuna Matata in Zanzibar
Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News, 12/21/08

Monkey Business

Jozani Forest is home to the highly endangered red colobus monkey. Here’s some rare footage of babies at play.

Baby monkey

Monkey business: Jozani Forest is the last remnant of Zanzibar’s mahogany forest and it’s also home to the rare Zanzibar red colobus monkey. Only about 2,000 of this highly endangered species remain, and only on Zanzibar. Watch some endearing colobus babies and their mothers at play.

TANZANIASpice tour: The clove trees, vanilla vines and coriander bushes I expected; these are, after all, the Spice Islands. The makeover, on the other hand, was a complete surprise. Khamisi Cheyo, my guide, demonstrates the beauty secrets of Zanzibar, from the lipstick plant to the ingredients of Chanel No. 5. Take a virtual tour with Khamisi and his multitalented assistant, Husein.

Fish marketThe fish market: Each day in Stone Town, while most tourists are just beginning to rouse themselves, a riot of color and activity erupts in an out-of-the-way corner of the bay. Here is where I discovered the real Zanzibar, in a scene that has remained virtually unchanged for centuries.

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